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Monday, December 29, 2014

Make Money With A Free Sex Cam Site Called Chaturbate

How is it possible?

First let me tell you a little about Chaturbate.com.

It is the only site that is truly free. People can simply create a free account with only an email addresse.

With that free account you can:

1. Broadcast your self. You can plug in your webcam and everybody can watch that cam free of charge.

2. You can be an affiliate. It means that you get a couple of affiliate links and if people sign up for a free account you get paid.

3. You can watch every other broadcaster free.

So how can someone make money?

First you can make money by making your own sex cam shows.

Every member has the option to buy "tokens". If somebody likes what he/she sees or has some special request can give you tokens. And from these tokens Chaturbate gives you a share.
It always suprises me that some people tip hundreds and even thousands of tokens while watching a completely FREE sex cam show.

And on top of that you can sell your videos, pictures or even your underwear on the site.

Plus there is a competition in every hour. You can see the details HERE.

You can also make money by becoming an affiliate. It means that if somebody signs up through one of your affiliate links you get paid.

You can choose between Pay Per Sign Up or Rev-share.

Pay Per Sign Up means that if somebody signs up with a valid email addresse you get paid up to $1 per sign up

Rev-share means that you get paid 20% of the amount that people spend on chaturbate.

Read more about the affiliate program HERE.

After that you only have to spread your affiliate links.

First you can send them to your friends and tell them to sign up. It won't be hard to convince them since the site is great and completely free. That will be the easiest money you will ever make.

To earn even more you can create some adult blog or website (There are a lot of free blogs and websites) and you can share youraffiliate links there. Or create an adult facebook page or twitter page. Post videos to youtube with your affiliate link(or the link of your blog) in the description.

The best is if you do them all.

That is how you can make money with a free sex cams site.

If you have any more questions feel free to ask them in the comment section!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How To Make Money Online

Welcome to my blog on How to Make Money Online!

In the future posts i will try to teach you how to make money online. Making money online is not so hard but there are two things you have to keep in mind in order to earn some money on the internet.

1. You won't make hundreds of dollars overnight!

Making money online takes time. There are no magical money making forumals or "earn $500 in a day" methods. If you see something like this on a site you better run! :)

Especially if they are advertised as "Free Methods". These scams are only good for one thing: To get as much money out from your pocket as possible. 

These sites might make $500 a day or maybe $5000 a day. But these people are trained online marketers and advertisers with probably decades of experience.

This takes us to our second point:

2. You have to learn and practice!

This part is the most important thing. There are so many things to learn in online money making that i won't even bother to start listing these things in this post.

If you visit my money making blog on a weekly basis and you read all the posts you will learn these things,

But i have to teel you i am not an internet marketer nor a writter. My knowledge is not so deep on these things. I can teach you some good basics and i will share a lot of useful links where you can make your knowledge deeper.

I managed to earn around $300-$400 a monthly with  an hour of daily work.

But when i started in the first couple of months i made around $10 a month. That is not much, isn't it? :)

But i did not give up. I was so happy when i first got my 10 bucks. That made me belive that i can make money online for real. And on the way to that first $10 i have learned a lot of things.

If you stay with me i will guide you on that way. I will show you the money making sites that i have used and give you some tips and tricks that i have learned. Don't give up! You will make mistakes but remember that this is natural.

First we will make money by using free sites and tools. It won't be wise to invest a lot of money into something about which you don't have any idea. After when you have some experience and some money you have made online you can star thinking about buying a website or something like that. But for now let's stick with free :)

And the best free site for beginners is link shortener sites!

Before you start anything you might want to create a Paypal account. This will be where you recive the money you have earned.

If you have any questions on the way about online money making you can always ask me in the comment section.

See you in my next post about How to Make Money Online and Traffic

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How To Make Money Online Url Shortening Part 2 + More Advanced Stuff

Now that you know how to make short links and how to make money with them we can go to step 2 and combine some stuff in order to make even more money.

This post on online money making will be a little longer so bare with me.

You know that you need traffic to make money online but you also need some kind of blog or website(and content on that site). You can make money by posting your money making links on facebook, youtube, twitter, etc. But the best is if you have a site or blog where you can direct your visitors. The ideal would be to own your own website but for now let's stick with the "free" options. This free option will be Blogger.com

With every google account comes a lot more accounts. Youtube, Google+, Blogger, Google Analytics, etc...
Blogger is a free tool for blog making. It is very simple and powerful tool. But i need to mention that read the terms of every site you sign up, because if you do something that is against the terms your account will be banned.( And on the way of making money online you will have some banned accounts. Don't be scared! You have to try what works for you and what doesn't.)

First thing you will need to make money is a topic, a niche.

Pick something that you are good at or something you like very much and you can write about it. What people will be interested in.
For example if you like video games write about the latest games or the latest cheats, or about the latest mobile apps.

I think the best will be if we create an imaginary money making blog together ;)

I start by choosing a topic like... "Friendship Bracelets". That's cool!
(You don't have to be an expert on bracelets, you just need to write about them. Use google;)

So now create the blog.

First create a google account if you don't have one yet. Then go to Blogger.com and log in with your google username and password. On the left side you will se a button "New Blog". Click It!

Now a window will pop up where we can create our blog's Addresse and Title. If our blog is about friendship bracelets we have to give a title and addresse relevent to that. Most likely "friendshipbracelets.blogspot.com", or "howtomakefriendshipbracelets.blogspot.com" will be taken so you have to be a little bit creative. When i was writting this post "how-to-make-friendship-bracelet.blogspot.com", and "make-friendship-bracelets.blogspot.com" were free to use.

Our imaginary blog address will be "make-friendship-bracelets.blogspot.com". So our title will be also "Make Friendship Bracelets"! (This is important for SEO. I will talk about this in another post. This is all about giving google a chance to find our blog)
If the title and address is ready just choose one of the templets. I reccomend choosing the first one "Simple". You can change this any time.
Hit create blog!

Now that we have our blog we need some content to make money!

Now go to your blog's dashboard.
We need to do one more thing for a little bit SEO. It is not crutial but i highly reccomend it and your blog will also look more professional.
In you blogger's dashboard find the "Layout" menu on the left side and click it. This is where you can arrange your blog's widgets and stuff. (I will write a post later on how to use blogger, but for now we only do one thing)

Where it says "Header" click the little edit sign in the bottom right corner. Where it says "Blog Description" Write a few sentences about what is on your blog. How cool they are and how you will teach people to make friendship bracelets. Try to use the phrases "Friendship Bracelets", "Make Friendship Bracelets" as often as you can.(Because this is your blog's addresse and title as well. If a Google comes to your blog it will think "that this is a great page if somebody is looking for friendship bracelets" and will give your blog a better rank in google search.
Maybe google never finds your blog but this way you have a good chance at least)
Don't overdo. If every second word is "bracelet" that is also not good and it will look and sound stupid.

Also you first post should be something like the header. (You can create a new post by clicking the orange "New post" button in the top left corner. Name your first post "Friendship Bracelets" and write how cool they are and how to knot them using the word "friendship bracelets" a lot but not too much. After you are ready just click the orange "Publish" button next to your post title.

So far so good!

Now comes the money making part!

Create another post "How to make hearth pattern friendship bracelets" Or something like that. Google some picture about a friendship bracelet with hearth patterns and download it.(Try not to use copyrighted images!)

Write something like how sweet and awesome hearth patterns are and how easy it is to learn.

Upload the picture to you post. This can be done with the little picture icon in the menu bar under your post title next to "Link".

We are almost there!

Now find a hearth pattern image for hearth friendship bracelet. Download it and re-upload it to some image sharing site like imgur.com

You will have a link to this picture something like this: http://imgur.com/dQmAJmu

Now i will show you how you can earn double money with one person!

We will use bc.vc or adf.ly in a momnet. But first i will show you another site where you can make money. That is Binbox.io.
You can paste text on this site and if anybody visits your links and fills out the captcha you will earn money.
Create an account at Binbox.io. Once you are ready click the new button in the top right corner. Copy/paste your imgur link to the window and write "here you can download the herath pattern for your bracelett". You will get a link like this https://binbox.io/AyYfW#AxJZRuXG.

Now go to bc.vc and shorten your binbox link. Your final link will look like something like this http://bc.vc/GnPJGx. Now if somebody clicks your link you will make money with bc.vc and with binbox.io at the same time. Awesome!

The Finishing Touch

In the post "How to make hearth pattern bracelet" the final line will be "Click HERE for Hearth Pattern"

People don't like to click on links where are a bunch of random numbers and letters so we make a link like i did above. You can do this by highlighting the word(s) you want to make a clickable link and the hit the little "Link" icon in the menu.

There you can edit the text to display and for the web addresse you need to write your bc.vc link. And at the bottom thick both "open link in new window" and "add nofollow attribute".

That's it!

Now you can make more posts with more links for more money. Try to write some useful posts too like how to tie knots and so on. Post one or 2 pattern every day. You want people to come back to your blog this way you can make more money.

Remember this is just a fiction blog. I don't know that how many people want to make bracelets.
But this is the method you want to use for any kind of topic and blog. Of course some things you have to do a little different on any blogs.
And you can have as many blogs as you want.

I will tell you how to make people visit your blog using facebook, twitter, youtube and other sites.

In the mean time create your blog and content and show it to your friends. Theire clicks are also valuable ;)

See You Next Time!

If you have any questions just post them in the comment section and i try to anwser them all!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Make Money Online With Url Shortening

Finally! We are going to start to make some money online and we are going to do that with url shortening.

What is url shortening?

Url shortening is very simple!

You have a link (any link will do) like this: http://how-to-make--money--online.blogspot.com/2014/10/online-money-making-basics-traffic.html and you make it like this: http://bc.vc/Z013AF  or this: http://adf.ly/siFxz

If you try and click these links you will notice that both links go to the same page but with the short links before you can go to http://how-to-make--money--online.blogspot.com/2014/10/online-money-making-basics-traffic.html you have to view an ad for 5 seconds and click the "skip ad" button at the top right corner.

At the moment when you clicked the button i have made money. Not much though because i need 1000 people to click this link in order to make around $3-$4.
This is just an example! There are more effective ways to make money with url shortening.

So, Let's Get Strated!

First, you will need to create a Paypal account at Paypal.com. It is very easy just fill out the form and you are ready to recive money you will earn.

Second, you will need an account at one of these sites (or at all of them)
After you have all your accounts we are ready to make some money.


Adfly is the most known but i think that Bc.vc has a little bit better payout rates. You can use all of them if you want, more links equals more money.

Now you will make your first short link and will earn some money with it.
(I will make my example with Bc.vc but all of them work the same)

1. Find something you would like to post on facebook or twitter. Something that you think a lot of people would like to see or read. Or maybe my blog addresse ;) But it is not so important since it is for practice only.

2. Once you have your link( my is http://how-to-make--money--online.blogspot.com) log in to your Bc.vc account. Under the menu bar you will see an empty bar where is says "http://"
Paste your selected link there and click on the "Shrink" button next to it.

3. Now you have your short link. All you have to do now is to post this link on facebook or send it to your friends. Write something like "Check Out This Awesome Site" or "You Have Never Seen Something Like This". You get the idea ;)
And watch the money flow in! The more links you make the more money you will earn

You won't make thousands of clicks with this but it is a great start.

If you are confident with this and you have earned some cents it is time to take the next step!

In the next post i will teach you how to use the traffic scources i have mentioned in the previuos post http://how-to-make--money--online.blogspot.com/2014/10/online-money-making-basics-traffic.html

In the mean time make a lot of short links, post them everywhere you can and make some online money!

Online Money Making Basics (Traffic)

The formula for making money online is as follows:

You have a link from some online advertisers. These can be for sites that people have to visit, or for sites where people have to sign up for something, or for sites where people have to buy something.
If somebody clicks your link or signs up or buys something you get money.

Finding these money making sites is not the hard part. Making people visit these links is the part which is a little bit tricky.

First thing you have to know about how to make money online is that you need traffic! 

You need people who visit your site or click on your money making links. This is the most important thing.

Other sites on the toppic of money making forget to tell you this. They all say that you can make hundreds with this site or thousands with that site. But the truth is that even a link that makes you $1000 is worthless if nobody clicks it.

This is why i will start with traffic. I will refer to this post a lot so you'd better read it properly.

So to make money online you need visitors!

Where do you get them?

1. The best traffic scource is from Google searches. This means that somebody searches some keywords on google and google finds your site. This is called SEO.
But this is a very big topic and i won't go into details. For this you have to learn a lot more and even  if you do everything correctly it doesn't mean that google will find your page.

Just keep in mind for now that traffic from goole is the best and everybody wants that. if the want to make money online.

2. Another graet traffic scource for online money making is video sharing sites like Youtube, Vimeo, Daylimotion, etc.
There are hundreds of thousands of visitors on these sites daily. You just have to make videos and upload them to these sites.

3. There are also social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. You either can share your money making link to your friends in the beginnig or create a fanpage of some sort. It takes some time for people to discover your page and like it but it is deffinetly worth it.

4. And finally all the other traffic scources like forums, chat rooms, pastebin and everything you can think of where you can share your money making links.

So these are the places where we will find people who will make us money. This is just a short list and later i will explain in greater details how to use these sites.

And the best is if you use them all. That way you can maximaze your traffic.

I know that maybe this is a little too much for you and it is confusing.

For now you only have to remember that you need visitors to make money and you can get them from Google, Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter abd forums!

In the next post we will star earning some money ;)