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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Online Money Making Basics (Traffic)

The formula for making money online is as follows:

You have a link from some online advertisers. These can be for sites that people have to visit, or for sites where people have to sign up for something, or for sites where people have to buy something.
If somebody clicks your link or signs up or buys something you get money.

Finding these money making sites is not the hard part. Making people visit these links is the part which is a little bit tricky.

First thing you have to know about how to make money online is that you need traffic! 

You need people who visit your site or click on your money making links. This is the most important thing.

Other sites on the toppic of money making forget to tell you this. They all say that you can make hundreds with this site or thousands with that site. But the truth is that even a link that makes you $1000 is worthless if nobody clicks it.

This is why i will start with traffic. I will refer to this post a lot so you'd better read it properly.

So to make money online you need visitors!

Where do you get them?

1. The best traffic scource is from Google searches. This means that somebody searches some keywords on google and google finds your site. This is called SEO.
But this is a very big topic and i won't go into details. For this you have to learn a lot more and even  if you do everything correctly it doesn't mean that google will find your page.

Just keep in mind for now that traffic from goole is the best and everybody wants that. if the want to make money online.

2. Another graet traffic scource for online money making is video sharing sites like Youtube, Vimeo, Daylimotion, etc.
There are hundreds of thousands of visitors on these sites daily. You just have to make videos and upload them to these sites.

3. There are also social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. You either can share your money making link to your friends in the beginnig or create a fanpage of some sort. It takes some time for people to discover your page and like it but it is deffinetly worth it.

4. And finally all the other traffic scources like forums, chat rooms, pastebin and everything you can think of where you can share your money making links.

So these are the places where we will find people who will make us money. This is just a short list and later i will explain in greater details how to use these sites.

And the best is if you use them all. That way you can maximaze your traffic.

I know that maybe this is a little too much for you and it is confusing.

For now you only have to remember that you need visitors to make money and you can get them from Google, Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter abd forums!

In the next post we will star earning some money ;)

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