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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Make Money Online With Url Shortening

Finally! We are going to start to make some money online and we are going to do that with url shortening.

What is url shortening?

Url shortening is very simple!

You have a link (any link will do) like this: http://how-to-make--money--online.blogspot.com/2014/10/online-money-making-basics-traffic.html and you make it like this: http://bc.vc/Z013AF  or this: http://adf.ly/siFxz

If you try and click these links you will notice that both links go to the same page but with the short links before you can go to http://how-to-make--money--online.blogspot.com/2014/10/online-money-making-basics-traffic.html you have to view an ad for 5 seconds and click the "skip ad" button at the top right corner.

At the moment when you clicked the button i have made money. Not much though because i need 1000 people to click this link in order to make around $3-$4.
This is just an example! There are more effective ways to make money with url shortening.

So, Let's Get Strated!

First, you will need to create a Paypal account at Paypal.com. It is very easy just fill out the form and you are ready to recive money you will earn.

Second, you will need an account at one of these sites (or at all of them)
After you have all your accounts we are ready to make some money.


Adfly is the most known but i think that Bc.vc has a little bit better payout rates. You can use all of them if you want, more links equals more money.

Now you will make your first short link and will earn some money with it.
(I will make my example with Bc.vc but all of them work the same)

1. Find something you would like to post on facebook or twitter. Something that you think a lot of people would like to see or read. Or maybe my blog addresse ;) But it is not so important since it is for practice only.

2. Once you have your link( my is http://how-to-make--money--online.blogspot.com) log in to your Bc.vc account. Under the menu bar you will see an empty bar where is says "http://"
Paste your selected link there and click on the "Shrink" button next to it.

3. Now you have your short link. All you have to do now is to post this link on facebook or send it to your friends. Write something like "Check Out This Awesome Site" or "You Have Never Seen Something Like This". You get the idea ;)
And watch the money flow in! The more links you make the more money you will earn

You won't make thousands of clicks with this but it is a great start.

If you are confident with this and you have earned some cents it is time to take the next step!

In the next post i will teach you how to use the traffic scources i have mentioned in the previuos post http://how-to-make--money--online.blogspot.com/2014/10/online-money-making-basics-traffic.html

In the mean time make a lot of short links, post them everywhere you can and make some online money!

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